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Would have been better if you did it once more, then sugared properly. Keep the tourists on their toes.


When I'm tired I open a pack of sugar (in the raw), pour in half of it, throw the rest out and open a new pack. I can't explain it--maybe I'm trying to trick myself into thinking that I'm drinking coffee with two spoonfuls of sugar.

Andre Torrez

One time I did it and nobody was near me but it was so funny that I started laughing out loud, immediately calling attention to myself as "crazy guy laughing when nobody is around him".

Andre Torrez

Oh god, today I was shaking my packets so I could tear the tops off and I DROPPED THEM BOTH IN THE TRASH.


*hums Def Leppard to self quietly*


This reminds me of the desire I sometimes have (though it's not an urge I've really acted on) when someone is obviously coveting the last of something at a store. Say there's one slice of pizza or one donut left... I always want to buy it and then just sling it in the trash so they can't have it.

You know, just because I'm a nice guy.


Reminds me of Chevy Chase snorting salt and chucking tequila over his shoulder.

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