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I read all my feeds through Safari. Is there something I'm missing about these apps?

Andre Torrez

I read all my feeds through newsreaders. Is there something I'm missing about Safari?


well, it was free for one thing.

i'm sure there are benefits to these readers, i've just never looked into them. safari tells me when my feeds are updated, what more is there to be done? at least until i can program safari to discern the articles i really like and would want to repost elsewhere, and then do so for me?

Andre Torrez

Well the first thing besides being told there are new feeds is reading them. I like reading them in a simple, light-weight interface designed for reading. Both NNW and Newsfire are focused on making it easy to get through a ton of feeds. The only time I've used Safari it felt like I was using a browser to do something very different.


i can't stand newsreaders, personally. mostly because they aren't web browsers. when i want to click on links, i like the fact that it opens in the same app that I am used to browsing the web with, and I usually don't have to switch windows (I force new links into new tabs). the other thing is keeping all my feeds synced, which is why i use bloglines. if the feeds go where ever you are, you never have to worry about exporting/syncing OPML. i resisted bloglines for a while because i automatically assumed it would be less featureful than a reader, but so far i haven't found it lacking. my 2 cents.

Andre Torrez

Ah interesting. I hate reading anything in a browser if I don't have to. It really bugs me if someone doesn't offer a full feed. I can get through a morning's reading under a half hour.

It's possible this speaks to the kinds of blogs I read, more long pieces or full text pieces instead of links.


hey now, actual conversation. i'm the opposite, i mainly find myself reading links, with some longer items. but what tom said is significant to me as well; i like everything in one app. but i'm a relative novice at this -- in case that's not obvious -- partially because none of my physical friends give a shit about RSS or anything like it. so i gotta ask around. thanks for answering.


I use opera to read my feeds, mostly because, hey it is right there. It shows feeds in its email type interface, which I guess is really more like a reader than a browser, but you can still seamlessly open links right into another tab in the browser. Anyway, I always end up clicking through to the posts to read the comments anyway, so I'm not sure how much it matters.

(if i did not already use opera as a browser i would probably not recommend it just for its news reader of course.)


I use NNW myself, but was thinking of making the switch over to Newsfire. I've heard great things. Glad to see you're enjoying it, I may have to dish out my $18.

(Oi, and I can't stand browser reading either. Give me newsreaders or give me death. Okay, maybe not death, that sounds a little harsh.)


I'm partial to NNW, because it gives me all the benefits of the newsreader (the news I want is there when I want it, easy to skim, syncing across my Macs, flexible updating and the like) and a browser (built on webkit, more or less works like Safari to open links and, on the occasions when it doesn't work, makes it easy to open in another browser).

Plus now that they offer online syncing into the bargain (so I can read my feeds on the web if I want), it's actually the best of three worlds.


I've just been introduced to the world of newsreaders and I went with ecto first. I just downloaded NewsFire to give it a try. Is NetNewsWire worth trying too? I understand it is supposed to be the "best", whatever that means.


I've been using Vienna, because apparently at some point in the last three years my brain was removed and replaced with that of an open source zealot. (Or maybe just a really stingy guy.)

t o n x

I paid for NewsFire many moons ago (and I rarely pay for software so that is quite a compliment) but I would probably go with Vienna if I were starting today. I run Vienna on my iBook and it seems quite comparable.

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