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Amen to that. How many times have I been in a meeting, only to hear somebody's phone play "Baby's Got Back" or something silly like that. Default all the way.


Andre, no! Your ringtone is an important representation of your personality. When your phone goes off in a meeting, it's alerting you to a call *and* screaming out THIS IS WHO I AM!!

Andre Torrez

Fine. I just set it to the Benny Hill theme song.


I agree in philosophy, but in practice the default tones (at least on the Sony I have) are not at all "vanilla", but are rather horrible techno-ditties. And that Nokia default everyone uses is the worst, its actually a jingle. More power to you if you found a phone that came with decent, simple default tones.


ring ring!

i used to have "for whom the bell tolls - metallica" for a while, and it was good because i would usually answer before the two bell tolls at the beginning turned into full-on rockage, so it would peak people's interest just enough for them to ask what it was. then, when you hit them with it, they were much less annoyed, maybe entertained by it, which was good for a chuckle or two, but once you explain it to everyone you know, it's time to move on.

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