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This is in Camino only, right? I have the same problem.

Andre Torrez

No, Firefox. I emailed them about it but haven't heard or seen anything in the release notes.


All seems well for me in both Windows XP and OSX Firefoxen.


We've heard this from a couple of people now and just today tracked it down to a Firefox security preference.

We'll be fixing it soon, but in the meantime, try deselecting the "allow cookies for the originating site only" checkbox in the FF preferences. That should fix it.

Arvind Satyanarayan

Thank God someone else is experiencing it. I was a little hesitant to send any feedback items because invariably one of my gazillion extensions causes some error. Thanks Ben for the fix.

Andre Torrez

Rad, thanks. I thought it was one of my stupid extensions or maybe Mena unfriended me. :(


Here are my new settings. Works great. Finn wants to know too, this has been driving him mad!


I changed my security preferences in Safari and Camino. We'll see if there is a change in behavior, the problem I saw was more extreme than the one Andre describes. (It can roughly be summarized as: the first few HTTP GETs to Vox work and all subsequent ones do not until about a half hour has passed.)


Yes, that qualifies as more extreme. :)

Anyway, we pushed out a fix for this particular issue--the one Andre describes--about 1 week ago, now--iirc it was last Monday (August 6).

Andre Torrez

Yeah, my problem went away on the 6th.


August 6

Aha. (I just got back from a week of vacation.) Anyway, the problem I mentioned is still occurring, but currently my best guess is its some sort of bizarre network issue between my apartment and the Vox servers. I'll write it up soonish, hopefully.

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